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e Gives Details of U.S. Arms Check Plan

Appears to Expand On Ike's Proposal At U. N.; Invites 3 Allies to Join

w Y. Herald Tribune News Ser’


Aug. 29—The United States| spelled out to Russia today

President Eisenhower's plan for an


| |

American-Soviet ex-!

Mrs. Usher L. Burdick, wife of the North Dakota Representative (right),

e" >

is pictured

change of military blueprints |

to be confirmed by aerial in-|

spection, and invited Britain, | France and Canada to join.|

Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., chief |

United States delegate to the U.N... outlined the American) Plan to the five-nation subcom- mittee of the U. N. Disarma- ment Commission

Lodge appeared to comand

on Mr. Eisenhower's plan. The|

military blueprints, he said, would, be verified not only by air inspection, but also by “ground and sea observation.”

Lodge outlined these fea- tures

® Blueprints would include identification, strength, com- mand structure and disposition of personnel, units and equip. ment of all major land, sea and air forces, including organized reserve and para-military: and a complete list of plants, facilities and installa- tions with their locations.” :

® The exchange of informa- tion would proceed “in progres-|


Ike Advises

Arms Talks in Mrs, Usher Burdick

—_— in July

astride her wedding-cift horse, which she was thrown and killed yesterday.

Helped QOus

‘Front,’ Says

“a ,


Associated Press

Cap, from | ‘investigators yesterday ‘exact opposite was true—he| ‘helped drive the group om


Wayne University Educator Named In Security Case

Denies Red Links

(Picture on Page 7.)

By Murrey Marder Start A university professo r|

named in an Army security


\case as a supporter of a Com-

told Senate the

miinist “front.”

ithe campus


Geneva Spirit Falls From Horse, Dies

By Marvin L. Arrowsmith DENVER, Aug. 29 \)—Presi- dent Eisenhower predicted to- day the United Nations disarm- ament talks would lead easing of world tensions conducted in the spirit Geneva Big Four Conference The President made the pre- diction at the-“Summer White House” here as a U. N. Disarma- ment Subcommittee started dis- cussidns in New York. Meantime, Mr. Eisenhower allocated additional Federdl money for flood relief—this

if of the

sive stage from the least sensi-|time an initial grant of $1 mil-

tive aspects to the more sensi-|

tive, covering those items most

likely to provide against the possibility of surprise.”

® “Each inspecting country would utilize its own aircraft and related equipment.” Per-

sonnel of the country being in-|

spected would be aboard each). 4-~ totaling $3,200,000. Stur-

reconnaissance aircraft

® “One or more airfields or bases would be made available for the support of reconnais sance aircraft and crews.”

® Provision for adequate communication facilities, as re- quired for rapid and direct re-

rts by observers to their

ome Governments.

“No nation—not the United States, not the Soviet Union, nor any other nation—can afford to cut its strength under an international agreement unless and until an system is created which will support every portion of such an agreement and upon which humanity can rely,” Lodge said.

Lodge offered his three West-|

ern colleagues on the subcom- mittee—Britain's Anthony Nut- ting, France's Jites- “Moch and Canada’s Paul Mart ins, a chance to join in the p! an

Russia’s delegate, Arkady A Sobolev, made no comment today on Lodge's proposals Instead, he proposed anew adoption of Soviet proposals for a gradual reduction in arms, dismantling of foreign bases, gradual elimination of nuclear weapons and an in- spection system at “control posts.”


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‘and Great


Al |

‘lion for Pennsylvania. The President also received a report from Lt. Gen. Samuel

D. Sturgis, chief of the Army! that his)

Corps of Engineers, unit so far has let 96 contracts for flood area rehabilitation

gis informed Mr. Eisenhower the Corps has completed seven jobs costing $650,000.

The President played golf to- day with an old friend, Frank Leahy, former football coach at Notre Dame University

Before issuing his statement on disarmament, Mr. Eisen: hower talked by telephone for 20 minutes with Secretary o State John Foster Dulfés. who was in Washington. The Presi- dent's statement said

“Of the actual decisions reached at Geneva, the first to be put to practical tesf*is the decision to renew talks on lim- of armaments

“Today in New York City the Subcommittee of the United Nations Disarmament Commit lee is mecting discussions pursuant ‘to a di- rective from the four heads of government (revresenting the United States, Russia, France Britain) issued at their final session at Geneva.

“I sincerely trust that the Subcommittee meeting will be marked by the spirit of frank- ness and cooperation which

to an

Mrs. Usher L. Burdick, bride of less than a month of the a North Dakota Representative, was killed yesterday when | ‘ose


thrown from a horse at the lawmaker's ranch near Willis-


Grand Jury Indicts leardi

In OSS Case


to continue these!


typified the meeting at Geneva. |

“If this is so, then | am sure in the end can produce prac- tical results that should lead

to the easing of the tensions

the Subcommittee’s work!

and the heavy burdens of arma-'


that the world entiv :


is pres

Reds Denounced for Treatment of Fliers

'Dolee declined

(Picture on Page 4.)

By Don Olesen Staff Reporter

Aldo Lorenzo Icardi, 3+

year-old Pittsburgh real estate! 4

salesman, was indicted by a

Edna |\Mass., and the 76-year-old vet ‘eran congressman were mar- iried at the Sixth Presbyterian can Youth for Democracy ‘Church in Washington, July 31

a oe: oe

the Bradford,

Burdick, BR. Sierson,


The accident occurred when Mrs. Burdick’s horse eneoun- ieee closed gate and started

op th another direction. Mrs. Burdick, frightened. took one foot out of the stirup and:

tcled to jump. The horse made | *

a sharp turn and threw her on rocky path.


former | versity

The professor history Wayne University

instructor in Detroit.

was one of sever@l persons with) Army | was

whom a former student, veteran Sanford Wakxer, accused of associating Not only has he never been Communist, but “unless | my mind, [ never will be

r. Kelly told a Senate Sub. committee.

The vice president of the uni and dean of its law school, Dr. Arthur Neef, testi- fied that in 1947 he and Dr Kelly were assigned by the uni versity to investigate Amer)

Dr. Neef said they found “clear and unequivocal” dence that the group was Com munist-dominated, and it was ordered from the campus.

When the recent security case against Waxer produce harge of association with Dr Kelly, said Dr. Neef, there was “eonsiderable indignation” in

She died of a broken neck, Detroit.

Federal grand jury here yes-|**ull fracture and brain hem- Reverse of Facts, He Says

terday on charges of lying when he told a congressional subcommittee he had nothing


A ranch horseback. Burdick, a novice rider.

employe, also on accompanied Mrs.

Her facts personally known to me

Dr. Neef said that was “com pletely the reverse of the actual

to do with the World War IJ| husband followed in a car. The Me said Dr. Kelly has “an en

death of Maj. William V. Holo- han.

In an eight-count perjury in- dictment, the jury said former Army Lieutenant Icardi three other members of a top secret OSS mission behind the Italian lines conspired “treach- to kill and murder” Holohan, the mission chief

Mission members drew lots to see who would poison Holo- han's soup, according to the grand jury. Then they shot him, encased his body in a weighted sleeping bag, and dumped it into an Italian lake. the jury found

In its ten-page indictment, the grand jury said that former Sgt. Carl LoDoilce, 32, a Ro- chester, N. Y., tool designer, conspired with Icardi to mur- ider Holohan. But LoDolee was


not named as a defendant, and down a hill when the accident ing.

the grand jury charged Icardi with perjury before a Armed Services Sub- committee on March 26. 1953 The subcommittee “invited’ ‘Teardi to testify.He did so volun- tarily to clear his name so as to ibe able to pass his bar exam- ination in Pittsburgh. But Lo- to testify, and


horse was described as well trained and gentile to the United Press

The Republican Representa- tive met his bride while she Rep. Willi H. Bates (R- Mass.)

The couple had ranch for only a and had pianned

honeymoon trip to

been al few take Europe.



Man Loses 5

loes in Mower

\ man left


26-year-old Cabin John

lost all five

he slipped on wet grass while) ere, and | ©incinnati,

19-inch Shuffling

mowing his front yard caught the foot in a gasoline-powered rotary mower. The Eugene Woodrow the


injured man

Talkington place, was

self-propelled machine!”



A neighbor, Frank Jancar, 41, of 7609 Woodrow place, a rope tourniquet on Talking- loss of blood until the Echo Fire Department sponded and took the man to Suburban Hospital

Talkinton was transferred to | 54é,

Mt. Alto Hospital where his

according Nity

the curity week« of Waxer and his wife aa suspended Army employe.

Ralph! Waxer said, was on 7807 The guiding | told her then that the case was

placed committee

,|ton’s left leg to prevent serious|Mmarried in Decembe Glen the following June her husband

re. was injured | Fort Knox, Ky

viable record in our commu as an opponent of dicta in any form—Commu- Fascist.” Senate

torship nist or

The Service


and | Was on the secretarial staff of Subcommittee. headed by Olin

D. Johnston (D-S. C.) reopened its investigation of the Federal! program with the cases Eleanor, Mrs. Waxer, a 29-year-old

said that for 18 he has been trying to get an adjudication of security es against herself, and has never had any kind of a hearing



that time. 71 letters

tors on his passed between her, the Army foot early yesterday when the Civil Service Commission


and its regional office in with the agencies her inquiries from one office to the other

The last word she had, Mrs Aug. 15 Army's security division ‘In the final stages” and was receiving biggest possible priority.” Under questioning by Sub-. Consultant Henry Waxer said she was r, 1952, and

of process- “the

Edens. Mrs

drafted, and assigned to

She she 1953.

as a

him there. September, the Army

joined and in

was hired by

See HOLOHAN, Page &, Col. 3 condition was described ac good.|52750-a-year clerk. On March 4. 19


U. N. Agrees to Korea Truce Team Cut,

PANMUNJOM, (Tuesday), Aug United Nations Command yes


30 W—The|about Sept. 5


Under the cutback. effective

© The number of ports of

terday agreed to a sharp cut in| entry now subject to inspec-

truce teams but

tion setup in Korea be junked

demanded tion will be reduced from 10 that the whole neutral inspec-/'0 6—three each in North and'the case

[South Korea. The number of inspection!


>!Then Demands Whole Setup Be Junked

have built in the - North tion of the armistice. The latter part of the 5%%- hour meeting was marked by! another angry exchange over! of Lt. Guy H. Bum- pass, Jackson, Miss., pilot of a! ight plane shot down by the)

munists up


air viola-'

' ; |

| with reasons


54, she was notified of her suspension on security grounds unstated weeks later, was given the options of returning to work in a non- sensitive post until the security matter was resolved. or going on leave without pay She chose to go on leave until

See SECURITY, Page 7 Col. 1

Two she said.

Resort Weather |


Tves Cloudy, high 64.88 Wed.: Showers

Tues: Cloudy, high 80.83 Wed.. Showers


Dr. Alfred H | at!


' pressed

resigning, |

Among New Jersey Farm


Avsociated Press

Actress Rita Hayworth and her husband, singer Dick Haymes, seem to be engaged in a serious conversation as they sat together at a Hollywood night club last week.


Flood Relief Rita Hayworth Gifts Close Quits Hay mes To $100,000 Alter Quarrel

Greater Washington's ree; HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 29 sponse to the American Red! Rita Hayworth, pale and red-

Cross appeal for flood relief\eyed, admitted today she has

funds kept raising the out on Dick Haymes, yesterday, as contribytions) but said, “I don’t know,” when from the city and suburbs asked if she would would try, neared the $100,000 mark— her fourth divorce.

some $25,000 over the original | The star, who stuck by goal. Haymes in his fight to escape’

District Red deportation from the United Chairman Daniel W. Bell, who’ States, announced through her laté as Sunday night ex-' attorneys:

“hope” that a midweek; “I have separated from Dick accounting might show the | because I believe, in the best $100,000, was visibly moved by interests of my children, Dick the swift of generosity. and myself, it is necessary that

“The ul ‘he said,’ both of have time to think generous hands of things out and however much “I don't know at this time the local campaign ‘that the separation is final.” goes it Wi none too much Haymes earlier admitted that to aid the devastated area where red-haired had van. “wt 7 f y tele = ‘e Saremt Gamage he been ished from he de- far beyond Orst €S) jared, “I still love her and ! hope get together There will be no divorce.”

Miss Hayworth packed up her children and moved out of the eouple’s Malibu home , tad after a sizzling battle with the ne repo noved,

: isinger at the Ambassador Hotel were nickels, mailed into ; | that began Saturday night. the local chapter from Chicago; . Haymes said the couple be- Inclosed in the n , gan to argue Saturday night in day's receipts was Vice Presi- oe dent Nixon's personal check for “heir suite at the Ambassador an undisclosed “Afler our argument, she stayed here Saturday night,”

Meanwhile, more than 100° children in the Homev ood com-| Haymes said, “She went home Sunday.”

munity near I.ensington, Md.,

collected $110.38 last night, Friends said Rita told them from Homewood citizens in a canvass of the area for re deemabie soda pop bottles The Homewood Citizens Asso- ciation contributed $10 as the youngsters trooped into Ken- sington’s Food Town to claim refunds which will be turned over to the Red Cross for flood sufferers

Cross Chapter



timate goal, us

in tne

Hie the public, in excess i] be the star

tne home. but

found to be


we will

Largest ngle contribution Washington area Mon the Internation- 2 two Operating Engi check for $5000

in the from of


day came al Union neers with Smallest,



career bles. They said Haymes Was trying to control her career and she “just couldn't take it aty more.”

Haymes, the friends -report- ed, roughed up Rita during the quarrel. But Haymes denied that he had hit her or vice versa

|Minister Reuven Shiloah

| it

the fight was over their tangled’

Israel Asks U.S. Action

To End Gaza Fighting

Minister Makes Request of Dulles’ Aide as Conflict Flares Anew

International News Gery Israel asked the United States yesterday to inter- vene with Egypt in an effort to stop the powderkeg fight- ing in the Gaza strip. | The, request for United |States intervention to halt the ‘bloody skirmishes of the last five days between Egypt and Israel was made in @ lengthy lconversation between Israeli and American Assistant Secretary of State George V. Allen. was learned that Shiloah suggested that the United States use its influence with Egypt to end the fighting

Shiloah said that he and Al-

en did not discuss Secretary rs State John Foster Dulles’ proposal of last week to quar- antee peace between Israel and the Arab countries.

The’ Minister said, “My gov- ernment has not finished study- ing” the Secretary's plan.

Friday, Dulles offered United States guarantees of peace in the Middle East if Israel and the Arab states could agree on | borders. The Secretary also pledged American funds to help deal with the refugee and other problems in the area.


Arabs Due to Demand

Strong Role for U. N

Associated Press

Diplomatic sources said yes- terday the Arab countries are likely to demand a strong role for the United Nations in any discussion of Secretary of State Dulles’ plan for Israel-Arab peace

The United States objection, it was said, to nego- tiations through the United Nations or by any other means the countries direcly involved can agree on

has no

Israelis and Egyptians

Air, on Ground

Reuters AZA, Aug. 29—Israeli and ewe fighter planes met in a hostile encounter today on the frontier, as ground forces in the embattled Gaza strip also clashed.

An Egyptian spokesman claimed the Israeli planes fled after a burst of machine gun fire from Egyptian fighters, but an Israeli spokesman men- tioned no firing.

It was the sixth day ported border clashes since Egypt last Wednesday broke off truce talks being held un- der United Nations auspices— and today’s incident caused the Joint Armistice Commission to break up a session so VU. N. ob servers could rush to the scene.

Clash in

of re-

‘Drifted Away’ From Reds in 1947

Mrs. Landy Asked About

By Wes Barthelmes Staff Reporter

Deborah Landy, whose former Communist Party membership deprived her son of a commis- sion in the Naval Reserve, was questioned yesterdhy about the) Party's efforts to win support-|

‘ers among New Jersey's farm ‘workers some 20 years ago. )

Activities Migrants

ithe measure of - success achieved, if any | “The fact of the controversy over her son (Eugene) is purely coincidental to the hearing to- 'day,” Walter said. “We had | planned to question Mrs. Landy before her son's case ... but just never got around to it.” For her part, Mrs. Landy, 54, said in an interview that she

Francis E. Walter D-!

teams will be cut from five to|Reds Aug. 17. | Rep. | three and team membership of| Parks said Bumpass was | Pa.), ed descom of the House | 12 to 14 men each will be never X-rayed, although he suf-; ‘Un- American Activities Com-| slashed in half. fered a skull fracture when his imittee that questioned her for|

as “unworkable and valueless.’ lea

The Communists already have agreed to reduce the size and number of truce teams.

Offer You-

© Washington's only complete

was one of three persons “with ithe same political belief” who were interested in the “plight” of migrant seasonal farm labor-


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, In all editions, on all markets covered by this newspaper.

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But they refused to abolish the Neutral , Nations Supervisory Commission.

“At atong at erecting ses: sion of the Military Armistice Commission, the VU. N. Com- mand accused the Communists of blocking armistice inspec- tion. The Communists replied that the Allies were trying “to wreck the armistice.”

South Korea has charged that Communist and Polish and Czech inspectors are spies and has demanded that they get out.


Sweden and Switzerland, the |Plane crashed

other two nations represented ory. fee the Menge orscad mY Ans lained they care me Shee fad “Lace! é eat

the > -vedectiony <<

rom effectively checking com- plaints of truce violations in the Communist North.

Maj. Gen. Harlan C, Parks, senior Allied delegate to the Armistice Commission, called for junking the whole setu the only way to end “Com- munist obstructions and frus- trations.”

Parks has charged the Com-

in Red aM eo ons, arks said.

“Your treatment and handling of this represents a gross dis-



regard of the probable grave|

consequences to his life.”

Parks said Bumpass denied! ,

a statement broadcast by the

si\North Korean radio quoting

him as praising treatment while he was held by the Reds! and referring to “deceitful” United States propaganda.



Tues at hes =.

= ny

: Showers




_ bower Bey | 1 «Tues: Cloudy, high 84-88. Wed.: Showers

1 <*.. Date: U. $. Weather Bureeyv Woshington Pest ond Times Mereld Map

\two hours in private, said this)

of, Mrs. Landy:

was one of three per- Ea vie “eS pens

sibility of getting into the Com- munist Party the farm workers in the state of New Jersey. “We know she attempted to cummunize the farm workers.” The Congressman said this occurred from “1937 up into the 40s” and was attempted;

United Press

DEBORAH LANDY »»» testifies at Red inquiry

through a Communist-domi- nated union since expelled from the CIO. Neither he nor


Committee staff members could inake further identification of


ers in the Freehold (N. J.) area,

She said this activity was lim- jted to the summer of cither 1936 or 1937—theh the (unton) local petered out:”

“But to say we three took orders from Party headquar- ters, why, that’s silly,” she said. “The impression I got was that the Committee and Mr. Walter thought I was more important than I am.”

Efforts, she said, were di-

See LANDY, Page 10, Col. 3


THE WASHINGTON POST and TIMES HERALD ) Peat tei attek ®. ‘aay . _ FE . ; wm vival er | to Asst: | xplosion laggy ee Sp me By Coad School Pia |HO-Ops Win in Georgia Power Fight RP hee The nation’s street . By J. W Davis? Hly to. ablic includin; 0 . 4 ' buses and wales will pe ri mis nn Press plies Se 30 faa sete ence customers would Be tines Florida P lant

Shigemitsu Is ‘Pleased’ emi ul ~ som out next month with A prelimihary arrangement! buy it posters designed to awaken ;.| - uy mitted for the Government iS oye | ears to the need for meet. sas fie ee : apm The co-ops, last year gongs over Georgia Power Co, lines.” Phys aly a oe ng the country’s school cri- would sell power fro S$ an Interior Department plan t Department spokesmen said : & Poe a ** ound Bonnie plant of the Int

| | \ ye ; sig _on a community basis. | Clark Hill Dam to’rural eléetric| sell Clark: Hill power to the/this meant the Government B T alk ss ith Dulles snadlaak Becta te a cooperatives in Georgia was|Georgia Power Co:, which then | would retain title ot the power | ¢rmational Minerals and Chem- <i ; New York advertising |4!sclosed. yesterday by the In-/ would have resolt it to the pref-| until it is delivered to the pref. leals Corp. near here today, Oo. Gee -e~-@ -@



agency, will be displayed | terior Department. erence customers. That would /erence customers. repr damage of about

: through the cooperation of The hydroelectric plant, with! h , 5,000.

Cree: BOS \ SLB By Warren Rogers Je the ! ave meant the co-ops would

) ' e Transportation Adver- |, canacity of 280,000 kilowatts , Sheriff Pat don, who es- pacity » have become. customers of the Ceroner Finds Baby Gardon, who

Associated Press tising Ind t s r : ted the | Japanese Foreign Minister vestiges faces ik ac is on the Savannah River be-| private power company and ma " danrage, said | ast wrecked the control rooni”

Mamoru Shigemitsu and y fy cooperation with President a Georgia and South Caro-|they didn’t want this, even at Died Accidentally t the inh ican officials started three days| Eisenhower's National Citi- Rh. Government-guara ® sulphuric acid plant, zens Commission for the Georgia co-ops have been try- The Sade wsertaenk ies Dr. W..C. Welburn, Arlington Sulphurie acid is a key tector!

of economic-defense talks yes- " | Public Schools. ing for years to buy part of Coun terday. They began by exchang- The cards will emphasize {Clark Hill's power directly from} nouncement said: ty medical examiner, said in refinnig phosphate,

ing pledges of continued friend-| the “Greatest asset of |the Government, rather than|°“A preliminary draft of a/? °S‘®'4®¥ am autopsy per!’ ‘The plant was not in opera! ship between their countries. | ny neighborhood Good |have the Georgia Power Co./ modified Wheeling agreement}}™*? °7 Ralph Mosse, 10-/tion when the explosion 0: Shigemitsu told a luncheon Schools. oe “aan Ee watched for the transmission and dis- peo boy found dead in his soniye 1 a. m. and no tendered him by Deputy Un- nationally because of the possi-|P0sal of Georgia's share of em a bome, showed the; The apparent dynamiting o@ idersécretary of State Robert bility that a final decision would; Clark Hill power to the prefer: |* choked in its crib. ‘curred less than a week after Murphy that Japan and the}. » " serve as a precedent in admin-jence customers has been| The son of Mr. and Mts. Ru-| Circuit Court upheld an anti United States are “destined to! © t Club Burns istering the “preferred custom-| worked out between the South-|dolph Mosse, 909 N. Madison | violence and antimass picket-} live in lasting concord” INDIANAPOLIS, Ind, Aug.|})~ igs igi isis roe land the Georgi Geen On hk pee was pronounced |ing by strikers. ) : Mon ‘| law. an e Georgia Power Co. ad on arrival at Arlington| Gordon said footprints :f ote Mg high yg neon 29 (—A $125,000 fire destroyed __ The co-ops have insisted that! “Under the preliminary draft! Hospital Thursday. Mrs. Seas cate two men satared the olan! tages p nce stele a - Tow ne House Night Club/in such situations the Govern-|proposal, firm power from|said she had fed the child be- ds through a hole cut id, they can find anywhere in the ay. iment must sell its power direct-|Clark Hill-available for sale|fore placing him inthe crib. | one fence. : teeta


leaning heavily on a walking stick, went to the State De partment where he and Secre tary of State John Foster Dulles held the first of their talks. Shigemitsu lost his right

leg to a Korean terrorist's °

bomb at Shanghai in 1932. He | | gets about with his cane and : an artificial leg es

eee hae te Jes

Earlier in the day the veteran Japanese leader, accompanied by his pretty daughter Hanako went to America’s foremost

as a shrine, the tomb of George a : Washington at Mt. Vernon Tourists were delighted when Hanako posed for snapshots ) °

and autographed souvenirs. Her father, apparently much im pressed by Washington's old home, called it the birthplace of “freedom and democracy. He laid a wreath of flame giadi-

oli and white chrysanthemums 5 on Washington's tomb ae His brief remarks in Japanese < LEEP R I U) CR? . were carried over a Voice olf 6S -() , t N

. Associated Preas America broadcast. Mamoru Shige At the State Department Moun oe Japan's Foreign Minister, stands on the Dulles greeted the 68-year-old de lawn with his pretty daughter, Hanako, dur- diplomat with great warmth ing visit to the shrine yesterday. With them are (The two posed for pictures in

Ulehi Yoshioka (second from left), Shigemitsu's secretary, (an atiteroom ironically be on and John Simmons, State Department chief of protocol. ineath a portrait of Henry 1 . —assttoJ,,, Stimson, who was Secretary of 1 War at the time of the Japa nese attack on Pearl Harbor in ONLY

Strike Ballot [Radioisotope 85.0: soa dunes opeve:

their talks with a general dis-

, ». 9 : \ cussion. o ve Far East situa Set by Sw ift’s HandlingGoes tion and pe RA of adhe —— x K : Regularly $299-5¢

. Yo Big Four summit meeting at ) . ; he State Department Poultry Men {To Industry |S. a | a Their opening session lasted > i Me : T oe Yo Meat Cub) The A iy gaaiee two hours and 20 minutes. When ie 1s 3 > he Amaigamated Mea pe ihe Atomic Energy Commis-\the meeting broke up Shige ~ Ye. Sei, A, gee rer Y Y A ' 1 ters amd Butcher Workméfision announced yesterday it is| mitsy told newsmen: “I can as Ate? ie “A es, ou ¢c Ud y (AFL) announced yest érday) one phase of its\sure you I am so pleased with a at ‘> that a strike vote will be " work to let the talks I have just had with among some 3000 Swift &-Co. vate industry take over the your Secretary. They were

poultry warkers from 26 ¢9% ‘conducted in “a very friendly es Se , i. see a —— L $ ' munities this week. : | way,” he said. wo eae “ela - ttn Save 70! Earl W. Jimerson, presi trauss said the agency will!, A statement released by tie me ; 3 tale e's i. |

of the 300,000-member un , daseentinue alter . November!State Degartygent; said ;

said the decision to take a strike the processing and Gistribution| mitsu opened the meeting

vote was e at a weekend) of ee ae by|an expression of apprecisfion ee

conference Chicago. “Wnion |cyclotrons, the sotalled “atom'for Dulles’ “far-sighted vision” ye ~~? 4 - ena } , : '

officials charged that Swift wis smasher” machines ‘jn negotiating the 1951 Japanese ome Mh eee a, «tt cath as You SAVE $70.00 during this August Month- | ae et a eee ee RE End. Special at CURTIS BROTH on this

“not bargaining in good faith’ Radioisotopes are widely peace treaty, on poultry and egg contract re-used we" medical and biological!’ The statement. noting Dulles: te we et lovely Caen styled y ome “n , newals.” ore ihad talked with President Eisen- eae | aoe. pee. hae b : rpose bo 0 The uflén’s exectitivé boardt. Strauss aid private industry notin at his vacation retreat ia) ee + Soe 4 NE TS oy 4 by yi pay rip f fabulous eae

will give the final decision on| #PPears to be prepared to 2s-'Colorado by telephone yester- AOE oP. ik od cover and soft, luxurious the strike—if approved by poul-/SUme this function” which the/day, said the President asked’ he, ee ee seat cushions. It's a beautiful daytime try workers—and will set the 4&C has carried out since 1949. |fulles “to convey his hope that! | 3 sofa that quickly and easily converts to a com- fortable bed for twe with a real innerspring

date of the strike. | He said the AEC will COn-| the discussion would help to pro- In New York, employes of ‘ue to produce radioisotopes | mote even better and closer rela mattress. Choose. yours today ia a besutiful

World Airways im nuclear reactors, which turn! ;}; si enh tha Daytime Sofa or ndities » iy toby ory: sithe vate The out the bulk of the shipments United States.” | Nioht-ti Bed . p a gyn hast FR ee: te present contract covering 5500 "* 54as prepared | Discussions of specific defense ignt-tTime Se } amazingly , lew price! workers ‘expires at midnight! problems, including possible re- Wednesday. : A ivision of the United States

The Government stepped into| Herrorists Kill 12 Japan security treaty, was left the dispute Sunday when the; JAKARTA, Indonesia, Aug. over until today National Mediation Board noti-'29 Darul Islam terrorists) Shigemitsu also is preparing fied officials it was taking juris-|swept into two villages 120 a plea for the release of 210 diction in an attempt to avoid &| southeast of Jakarta Saturday Japanese war criminals in Su- oe as Mics jnight, killing 12 villagers and gamo Prison under United States

mediator, George McSWwan, burning 14 houses. | jurisdiction.

will begin sessions Wednesday | ' with officials of Pan American | and the CIO Transport Work- ers Union. In the meantime, T RR Pl ( | * e talks between tbe company and Winns ans UOM HAAS:

the employes will continue.

In ee ate Corp. @ m | d CIO United Auto W ; | negotiators tackled at ss Guided Missiles, Planes FOAM RUBBER CUSHIONS |

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Even a child can open or close.

No pulling, no tugging.

dozen unresolved “side issues” which threatened to send 139.- SEAEAPY PRE 000 employes out on strike at) We

midnight Wednesday

Although both sides have|**Y Statement has urged a Force.’ been in lb on a basic| DTeak with the past in develop-| To this end, Twining said

arante ‘age contract aj-| ng and using guided milssiles.ithe Air Force initially wil! KRO : ) ‘A gu ed w .| Indicating ~the -extent of form a limited number of mis KH ER MM. f h tart of oti- § most from the s Oo nes in missile develop-|sile units trained and equipped es ® @Paris @ PSs -

ations last June 27, they were|PrOeTess eo i ; /ment, the Air Force said the to use the new weapons. The

gg gi = Daresinine “hana| tite has come to stop think-' experience of these first units THE WORLD'S | AR was strengthened by an almost) '™8 of missiles in terms of con- will be evaluated to determine GEST FU RNITURE MANUFACTURER solid strike vote among Chrys} euch ti piloted airplanes the extent to which missiles

ler employes and a $25 million Such thinking has been nec-'can profitably be integrated

strike fund built up by the|©®54ry up to now, the state-\into the Air Force | i | ! , UAW during the past four|/™ment said, but “reluctance to) Twining called for “maxi- YLON COVER M the F t months . . }depart from such development) mum exploitation” of missiles 0 ese se eans ames o

[In Detroit the Associateq/294 planning procedurés may and termed them “indispensa

coat Sepanied, Beatin Ave asd te Oak Maken Y.-L tie naseoneeney vat NYLON WONDER FABRIC IS WASHABLE AND IS Auto Workers recessed eon.| Wining, Air Force Chief of\every Air Force activity.” he

tract talks after failing to reach| Staff, the statement added: said, “to exert unrelenting ef S S O

an expected agreement. Some “Guided missiles and manned/|forts to tnsure the earliest pos- RE I TANT TO Ss IL, FADING, MOTHS, MILDEW, FIRE 20,000 workers at five Bendix|aireraft can be combined toj|sible integration of guided mis- plants. across the country con-|create a formidable instrument'sile units into the weapons in.

tinued a two-day-old strike|of air power. The creation of|ventory where combat capabil-

against the company. Such an instrument is a pri-'ity will be improved.” FOAM RUR fin litle Rone Ark, stk BER... Means Comfort!

ing AFL bus drivers and me-| chanics asked United States!


Brownell to investigate union 4

charges that Capital Transit ; 500

nc deee’ heleed - eabcabetnan! If your present car is worth

“strike breakers.” The charge |

was denied by the transit |

company, {Since the 178 _ strikers’


en ee aig —~ om oe bee

The Air Force in a new pol-l\mary objective of the Alr

ore stelle }

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YOU CAN OWN A NEW Shop in Air Conditioned Comfort

walked off their jobs June 22 | the company has hired non-' union employes. However, CTC! | limited service to daylight | } yn only attr its baeee and (company car) | at nash: Ferme vers were allacked at night.} ; ) ween $ 75 GM waswinarow: LARGEST FURNITURE DISPLAY Ws for as low as 68: per’ month i is

haga sl a OPEN EVENINGS ‘TIL 9 FREE PARKING vote Oves 2 mut to ° watt _, “Your Bethesda-Chevy Chase Buick Dealer” ) eATHEDAYS ‘TH, 6 ON OUR LOT MIAMI, Fla, Aug. 29 : sd

Hurricane Edith, iis threat