f/EATH ER FORECAST Bay Area: Light rain like­ ly tonight; clearing tomor­ row.

Sierra Nev ada: Clearing and cooler Thursday .

96 TH YEAR ~

D A I L Y Est. 18 61




S A N RAFAEL, CALIFORNIa7 WEDNESDAy7 sEPTEMBER 26,r l 956 ~ Glenwood 4-3020

R A IN F A LL Total to d a te ......... 0.14 Seasonal av erage ......... 0.33 This date last y ear.........0.04

TEMPERATURES San Rafael noon today ....65 Yesterday : High 7 2, Low 52

No . 16 1 Novato Trustees To Rush Expansion

Facing a race against time, Nov ato Unified School District trustees agreed last night to proceed rapidly with a building program they hope will fore­ stall double sessions in the fall of 19 57 . The board asked Supt. Wil­ liam J . J . Smith to make a final determination of building needs for fiscal 19 57 -58 and prepare an application to the state Department of Educa­ tion's School Planning Div ision. Board action came after Smith reported that a district enrollment increase of 7 55— from the present 2,259 to 3,014 is likely by September of nex t y ear. The current figure includes high school freshmen and sophomores and omits jun­ iors and seniors attending San Rafael High School. The pro­ jected 19 57 enrollment includes freshmen, sophomores and jun­ iors. TWO BIG FACTORS Two main factors, Smith said, are contributing to the attendance growth: (1) new homes under construction and (2) larger classes adv ancing from primary into middle and upper grades plus continuing large kindergarten and first grade classes. In his rough estimate of 19 57 -58 building needs, the su­ perintendent first assumed there would be no new school sites, but enlargement of ex ist­ ing plants. Under that assump­ tion. he said, ultimate needs would be six new classrooms at Oliv e School, fiv e at West No­ v ato School, nine each at Ma-

rion and Hill Schools and pos­ sible enlargement of the high school for the 19 59 -60 y ear. Smith then went on to as­ sume new sites and possible adjustment of indiv idual school boundaries. ULTIMATE NEEDS In that case, he said, ulti­ mate needs would be about six classrooms and a kindergarten on the Robertson site on Cen­ ter road, about nine new rooms on a new site or the high school site near Rancho Village and Westridge, purchase of a new site in the Marin Heights area, construction of nine rooms at Marion School plus facilities already planned, possible addi­ tion of six rooms to Oliv e School plus enlargement of the multi-purpose room, and rapid completion of the administra­ tion building. Smith emphasized repeated­ ly that his report was submit­ ted in broad outline only to supply some background data.” adding, a refinement of both the enrollment figures and the needs which follow would re­ quire more time and study .” Actual needs for 19 57 -58 , he told newsmen after the m eet­ ing, might prov e to be only 60 per cent of those listed in the preliminarv report. COMPLEX PROCESS The fact that we are a rap­ idly ex panding unified district located in a community whose dev elopment, both as to direc­ tion and size, cannot be esti­ mated easily makes the prob­ lem of planning school facili- See NOVATO, page 4.

ON THE RIGHT TRACK— Ah, the power of sales promo­ tion! So engrossed is J ack J . Friddle, owner of Nov ato’s Ben Franklin Store, in the Independent-J ournal’s description of Nov ato Silv er Dollar Day s he’s let a choo-choo sneak up on him. The attention-binding sales ev ent starts tomorrow', lasts three day s. (Independent-J ournal photo)

Novato Silver Dollar

Days Begin Tomorrow

Aquatic Fair

To Include

Art Displays

Sausalito’s Aquatic Fair and Regatta Day s Nov . 3 and 4 will include a city wide arts and crafts festiv al which will be literally strung from Shell Beach to the Casa Madrona Hotel. The fair, which will be man­ aged by San Francisco pub­ licist Gil Colemln, may also include races of outboard mo­ tor craft and display s of boats and accessories. An artists’ group under Mrs. Maggie Hazel is planning to display works of the city ’s ar­ tists both inside and outside the Casa Madrona Hotel. Craft display s will be set up adjacent to the new Bank of America building while the Aquatic Fair itself will take place on the sandspit area bay ward of Bridgeway .


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BROOKLYN (.?—The Phila- delphia Phillies d e f e a t e d Brookly n today , 7 -3, knocking the second place Dodgers a full game behind the idle Mil­ waukee Brav es, in the tense Na­ tional League pennant race. Brookly n and Milwuakee now hav e only three more games to play . Philadelphia . 031-000-300—7 10 1 Brookly n ......... 110-001-000—3 5 1

Nov ato b u sin e ssm e n are making final preparations to­ day for Silv er Dollar Day s, the community ’s big twice y early parade of bargains, which will start tomorrow and run for three day s. Some 40 merchants will of­ fer outstanding v alues to North Marin shoppers during the ev ent, which is being arranged by the retail merchants com­ mittee of Nov ato Chamber of Commerce. Committee chairman B. F. Edwards emphasized today that Silv er Dollar Day s are not to be confused with clearance sales. Merchandise of recognized quality will be sharply reduced in price during the three-day period ending Saturday ,” Ed­ wards said. Customers will get top v alues for their dollars.” Edwards said participating merchants are aiming their bargains ai early Christmas shoppers, giv ing them an op­ portunity to obtain many na­ tionally adv ertised items at a great sav ing.” The retail merchants com­ mittee has had Silv er Dollar Day s signs and posters placed throughout the Nov ato business district. Store windows also are being decorated ex pressly for the ev ent. Besides Edwards, committee members are Aaron Hiller,

Paul W. (Woody ) Binford, Ron­ nie McDonald, Phil Ritter, Gor­ don Lackey , Fred Volz and Mrs. Fred Fleishman.

Firms participating in Sil­ v er Dollar Day s include:

Ben Franklin Store, Links Nov ato Men’s Shop, B. F. Ed­ wards Stationery Store, R and W Market, Nov ato Pharmacy , McDonald’s J ewelers, Mode-O- Day Dress Shop. Western Fur­ niture Co., B. S. C. Cleaners, Dean’s Rex all Drug Store, Mix ’N’ Match W o m e n ' s Wear, Creamy Corner Delicatessen, Modern Ev e Dress Shop, No­ v ato Bakery , Hi-Fi Driv e-In Restaurant, Pini H a r d w a r e Store. Woody 's TV and Appliance Co., Tay lor's Variety Store, Food Fair Market, Empire Home Furnishing Co., Western Auto Associate Store, Walt Brown Autos, Gorb’s J ewelry Store, Nov ato Frozen Food Lockers, Harley McAskill Men’s Wear, Nov ato Sport Shop, Mil­ ler’s Paint Center, Ritter’s Meat Center, Bartlett J ewelers, Hill­ er’s Shoe Store, J im and Ken’s TV Serv ice.

Mike’s Liquor Store, Fleish­ man’s Fabrics, House and Gar­ den Shop, Oscar’s Paint Store, Hoeppel’s Tire Serv ice, Moore’s Department Store, Bud’s Car Town, Rounds Ford Co., J im’s Sport Shop.

Police Catch

Gun Suspect

In Sea Chase

Oakland Man Held

In Wounding Of

Companion In Bay

SAN FRANCISCO OP— A Coast Guard cutter halted a fishing boat three miles north of the Golden Gate today and its operator was arrested by police for attempted murder and robbery . Police arrested Nelson W. Spencer, 63, Oakland, on the complaint of William Lummus, 41, a construction worker from Santa Barbara, who said Spen­ cer tried to force him to sail to Hawaii y esterday and then shot him because he refused to go along.

MADE ESCAPE Lummus said he finally man­ aged to get the boat’s wheel as it was headed out the gate and turned it around, sailing for Ft. Mason. He said Spen- ceh shot him three times and took $40 from him before the boat. Tongo, got close enough to Fort Mason for Lummus to make his ecape. Lummus was treated at Mis­ sion Emergency Hospital for three flesh wounds and was booked for drunkeness. When arrested today Spen­ cer denied shooting Lummus and said he did not try to force him to go to sea. Spencer charged that Lummus went berserk aboard the boat and at­ tempted to take th$ boat away from m e.”

FIND REVOLVER Police found a .22 rev olv er with four shots fired from it aboard the boat. Spencer tied up today at Fisherman’s Wharf, called po­ lice and told them he’d be back from a fishing trip to the Far- ellons tomorrow if they want­ ed to talk to him. Patrolmen Robert Quinn and J ohn Ruggeiro said it was only after they talked to Spencer that it occurred to them to connect him with Lummus’ shooting. They called the Coast Guard and caught up with Spencer outside the gate. According to Lummus, Spen­ cer pulled a gun as they head­ ed out to sea and said: Here it is. I’m going to kill y ou, then commit suicide. The boat will sail out to sea with only our bodies aboard.”

New Try To Salvage Ship Sunk In '01 Set

County Refuses To Appropriate Funds For Tam Valley Flood Control Work

Worried residents of Tamal- pais Valley , more than 50 strong, crowded into the su­ perv isors meeting room y ester­ day , filled ev ery chair, stood along the walls and ov erflowed into the hallway in an effort to get county funds for flood control work in their v alley . They got little encourage­ ment. The board v oted 3-2 not to appropriate $2,7 00 to clean de­ bris, brush and earth from the clogged streams which last winter ov erflowed and caused the v alley to be designated a national disaster area. But the board did offer one ray of hope to the fearful and frustrated” delegation. . At suggestion of Superv isor Wil­ liam Fusselman, the district at­ torney is looking into the pos­ sibility of using the county ’s

police power to order cleaning of the creeks. If they a ren’t cleaned by their owners, the county would do the work and assess the owners on nex t y ea r’s tax bills. Fusselman said this might work in lieu of final formation of a flood control project in the v alley . You’re not asking for a free ride, I’m sure. This way y ou may get the job done and pay y our own way ,” he said. But Superv isor Vera Schultz, in whose district the v alley is located, made a determined ef­ fort for county funds. She said she had long urged the county to support the flood control measures in the v alley and that in all equity the residents should receiv e the county ’s support. Fusselman questioned the

diligence” with which the control project had been pur­ sued. But Mrs. Schultz re­ ceiv ed applause when she de­ clared she had been ex trem ly diligent” in pushing the pro­ ject. She outlined the steps which had been taken, including for­ mation of the Richardson Bay Flood Control Zone, which is now conducting a surv ey for the whole watershed, and the surv ey of Tam Valley now be­ ing conducted by the Army Engineers. Neither study is scheduled to be completed be­ fore December. Like the Nov ato flood con­ trol zone, which receiv ed $7 ,000 from the county when a super­ v isorial snafu cut off its dis­ trict tax funds, she said, the residents had made ev ery ef­ fort on their own and were

now- asking for emergency aid to help prev ent another disas­ ter this winter. Formal presentation of the delega tion’s case to the board was made by Muriel Petruz- zelli, who read a prepared statement. It made three ma- or points: 1. That funds were granted Nov ato because work already was under way and that Tam Valley ’s work is also under way leading to a permanent flood control project. What is needed now, howev er, is non-recurrent, emergency work which we can get from no one else.” 2. Arguments that nothing effectiv e can be done with funds av ailable are not accept­ able because the county direc­ tor of public works admitted See TAM VALLEY, page 4.

New Manager For Humane Society Here

Marin County Humane So­ ciety has a new manager. Doug Boaz, former assistant manager of the Seattle, Wash., Humane Society , took ov er the administration of the Marin society Monday . Boaz, a graduate of the Uni­ v ersity of Washington, was for fiv e y ears with the King Coun­ ty Humane Society , which op­ erates in Seattle and surround­ ing unincorporated areas. He then spent a y ear and a half as retail representativ e for Life magazine in the Seat- tle-Portland area, and contin­ ued his serv ice to the Hu­ mane Society by serv ing as its public relations consultant. Boaz, his wife and two daughters, Susan Gay le, 5, and Robin Ly nn, 3, liv e in San I Anselmo. The new manager said he | hopes to improv e communica­ tion between the society and the public and to help animals and people liv e together as well as to protect animals j from people and people from I animals.”


It was roundup time in San Rafael Meadows this morn­ ing, as makeshift cowboy s riding bicy cles and motor scooters skidded around in the dark in a v aliant effort to head off an inv ading herd of some 50 cows that tromp- ed through their streets and gardens. * At 2:30 a.m. when the first report of six cows came in to the sheriff’s office, it looked like a minor inv asion. But when deputies drov e to Rafael Meadows to join the roundup, they found about 50 cows wandering all ov er the subdiv ision. Residents, in v arious stages of attire, were chasing the cattle on their mechanical mounts. Sheriff’s deputies made a hasty phone call to the Sil- v eira Ranch, bringing J oseph Silv eira on the run. By 3:20 a m. all the cows had been chased back to the Silv eira Ranch. Deputies questioned Sil­ v eira, who said the contrac­ tor working on the county civ ic center near Santa Venetia had torn down the fences and had not replaced them. That’s how the cattle got loose, he told officers.

Scudder Will

View Flood

Work Here

An official inspection of flood control and nav igational projects in Marin County will be undertaken by Congress­ man Hubert B. Scudder Oct. 3. Scudder will be accompanied by Col. J ohn A. Graf, Col. J ohnson and J ohn Deignan of the San Francisco district of­ fice, U.S. Army Corps of En­ gineers. I hav e introduced and hav e been able to secure approv al of resolutions calling for flood control surv ey s and nav igation­ al studies on practically ev ery stream and harbor in Marin County ,” Scudder said. In many instances, funds hav e al­ ready been allocated, to carry out the surv ey s. The purpose of this inspec­ tion, As well as the others I make throughout the 1st Con­ gressional District, is to v iew progress and ex pedite the ap­ plication of federal assistance to areas where flood conditions ex ist and where improv ed nav ­ igation is desirable.” The 1st District Congress­ man is a member of the House Public Works Committee. Scudder and the Army Engi­ neer officials plan to v iew Bel­ v edere and Bolinas Harbors, Corte Madera del Presidio Creek at Mill Valley , Corte Madera Creek at Ross and Kentfield, Coy ote Creek at Tamalpais Valley , Eastkoot Creek in the Stinson Beach area, Tomales Bay , and wind up their tour at Bodega Bay in Sonoma County . Scudder said he is now mak­ ing arrangements to hold a meeting soon to discuss flood control problems on Nov ato Creek. He will also look ov er the Richardson Bay area and the Bay Model being construct­ ed at Sausalito.

Oakland Firm Asks

Permit For Project

Fifty -fiv e y ears and sev eral salv age attempts after the sinking of the steamer Rio de J aneiro in the Golden Gate channel, an Oakland firm plans another attempt to salv age the v essel which, according to the Marin J ournal of Feb. 28 , 19 01, ‘Ties in less than 100 feet of water just inside the bay within stone's throw of old Ft. Winfield Scott. The wreck is within easy reach of div ers and the 120 im pris-1 ----------------------------------------------- oned dead may be recov ered. Some 19 0 bags of mail, the treasure in the ship (its nature was not specified) and other v aluables may be recov ered.” ASKS PERMIT The Coastal School of Deep Sea Div ing, of Oakland, has asked an Army Engineers’ per­ mit for the salv age attempt, along with three others inv olv

Golden Gate Bridge, and ly ing in about 38 0 feet of water. Sal­ v age operations would req u ire anchoring of a salv age v essel in the gate channel for about 30 day s, the application indicated.

TERRIBLE DISASTER* The Marin J ournal, in its story of the sinking, said, un­ der the page three headline A ing craft sunk in or near the Terrible Disaster” : The sink bay . The div ing firm, in its appli­ cation. indicates it ex pects to

ing of the steamer Rio de J an­ eiro at the entrance of Golden Gate Harbor last Friday was a find the long-sunk v essel in a great shock and resulted in the somewhat different location than the J ournal placed it in loss of more than 130 liv es. Among the lost are reported the paper’s story , subheaded E. C. Brady of Ross \ alley and "Ex act Whereabouts of the Henry Guy on of Petaluma. Steamer Has Been Learned.” Before the steamer sank, The application show’s esti- the electric lights went out and mated position of the ship, w hich went ¿ ow n Feb. 22, 19 01, as about 9 00 feet due west of what is now the center of the

ev ery where was total dark­ ness.” Through the y ears since the See SALVAGE TRY, page 4.

Truck Runs Wild On

Waldo, Hits 3 Cars

Thirty -fiv e tons of loaded semi-truck and trailer rolled driv erless dowrn the Waldo ap­ proach to the Golden Gate Bridge y esterday afternoon, striking three cars and ripping out about 7 5 feet of metal fence and a section of guard rail. The heav y rig, carry ing a load of canned prunes, came to a stop in the Vista Point park­ ing area just north of the bridge, almost miraculously hav ing injured nobody in its i 400-foot run. The driv er, Alv a Wolf of Col­ ton, told highway patrolmen he thought something was w rong with the rig. and parked it on the edge of the south­ bound lanes of Highway 101 at about 12:20 p.m. He set the brakes, he said, and climbed out to inspect his air lines and load. The rig started to roll downhill, with Wolf in pursuit. As it outdis­ tanced the sprinting driv er, it sideswiped a southbound car

driv en by Genev iev e Knupfer of Los Altos. Slewing to the left, it crash­ ed through the metal fence which separates north and southbound lanes of the high­ way and, its cab festooned with fencing and fence posts, roar­ ed into and across the north­ bound lanes. J ames A. Sample of 12 Wray av enue, Sausalito, d r i v i n g north, saw the truck coming at him. He leaped from his car as the truck shot past, side- swiping the Sample car. The rig, by then dragging a broken ax le and with two blown tires, hit a car driv en by Charles Geminiani of 7 Mor- ningside driv e, San Anselmo, with damage to the car but no injury to Geminiani. and fina ly slowed to a stop in the park­ ing area.

Inv estigating officers said the fla ttened and shredded tires acted as a brake to help halt the runaway .

Sausalito Waterfront

Gas Line Ruptured

A bulldozer grading a site for waterfront dev elopment in Sausalito struck a PG&E gas pipeline at noon today , allow­ ing gas to escape.

The Sausalito Fire Depart­ ment was summoned to stand by while PG&E crews attempt­ ed emergency repairs to the broken line.

The break was alongside Bridgeway boulev ard opposite I the Trade Fair shop. The dev el­ opment is that being commenc­ ed bv Parkwav Associates.

COMIC DICTIONARY YAWNING Op en in g y o u r mo u th w h en y o u sh o u ld b e sh u ttin g y o u r j ey es. |

State Boosts

Overpass Fund

SACRAMENTO (IP The state Highway Commission y es­ terday allocated an additional $120,000 for lengthening of a separation structure which will connect the Richmond-San Ra­ fael Bridge approach to Sir Fra nce Drake East behind San Quentin. The structure, which will carry westbound traffic ov er the San Rafael-San Quentin road and into Sir Francis Drake East toward Greenbrae inter­ section, already had an appro­ priation of $9 60,18 0. Howev er, it was determined that the separation structure would hav e to be made 300 feet lo n g er to a v o i d unstable g ro u n d .

The one and only,

genuine G rand Emperor NAPOLEON COGNAC

produced by the House of Gawqucton aince 17 12

Fifth $5.69

WM. P. MORGAN— Wines and Spirits

1223 Fourth St. San Rafael G L 3-27 00

Free Parking in Hear Gift Wrapping Free Deliv ery


by M m e Schiaparelli Ray Del'Osso is proud to announce tha t Madame Schiaparelli, internationally famous fashion designer of Paris, is introducing her latest sty led collection of ey e glasses and has entrusted this custom fashioned ey ewear to us for y our spectacle require­ ments. We hav e receiv ed the complete Schiaparelli collection she has just released and will welcome y our v isit to our office for y our v iewing pleasure. PHYSICIAN'S OPTICAL

Disp ensing Op ticia ns 1313 Fourth St. G L 4-7 028

Jim Corbet's


N ow Interviewing For A

S A L E S M A N or T R A IN E E .

Apply In Person W eekd ays

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Salary Open 1155 Magnolia Larkspur (Near Kentfield)

T H U R SD A Y & FR IDA Y ON JY ! Brand new, nationally advertized washer & Dryer Completely automatic washer, agitator action,

M.A.C. $144 5 yea r g ua ra ntee. Reg . $23 9.95 . M.A.C. $1 41 8 .50

110 or 220 Volt, 4-way Dryer 5 yea r g ua ra ntee. Reg . 20 9.95 . M.A.C. 8 1 41

M.A.C. Department Store ACRES OF FREE P A R K 1S G 555 Francisco Blv d. San Rafael

Cred it a nd b ud g et terms a va ila b le a t a ll timee

2 3nfrfp irtrò rttt-31mtnial. W ed., Sep t, 26, 19 56 WORLD NEWS IN BRIEF

NEW BENICIA New life wa s g iv en ferry serv ice o n Sa n Fra ncisco Ba y y esterda y with la unching o f the $6 1 6 .50 0 a uto -pa s- seng er ferry 7 Ca rquinez a t the Pa cific Co a st Eng ineering Co . in Ala meda .

MARTINEZ FERRY The o pen deck v essel will repla ce the co ndemned stea m ferry tha t used to ply the ro ute fro m Benecia to Ma rti­ nez a nd will o pera te until a v ehicula r bridg e ca n be built in a few y ea rs. (UP pho to )

Ike Hits Demos' Stand O n Farms

By ASSOCIATED PRESS President Eisenhower loosed his most sharp ly worded cam­ p aign attack to date last night, accusing Democrats of “p oli­ ticking at the farm ers’ ex ­ p ense'’ and of handing farm­ ers a p rogram of “mockery and deceit.” Adlai Stev enson, his Demo­ cratic op p onent, in turn called on Eisenhower to say whether he has “heard about loose ad­ ministration of the soil bank to p our money into the Farm Belt” ahead of the Nov ember election. SPEAKS IN ILLINOIS Eisenhower sp oke last night In Peoria. 111., p resenting the Rep ublican side of the farm controv ersy in a nationally broadcast and telev ised sp eech. Stev enson framed his ques­ tion in an address for deliv ery in Jacksonv ille, Fla., today , aft­ er a busy day of camp aigning y esterday in Arkansas, Louis­ iana and Florida. Eisenhower told the nation’s farmers his administration will give them “a full share in our country ’s good times.” He said farm ers now face “brighter p eace-time p rosp ects than they have had for y ears.” NO NEW PROPOSALS He made no new p rop osals to increase farm income but said “good p rogress” is being made toward that goal with p resent p rogram s and p lanned ex p an­ sions. Ridiculing Democratic criti- j cisms of his farm p olicy , he said at one p oint, “our op p nents today are criticizing the mess that they themselv es left behind.” Stev enson, sp eaking of the soil bank created by Congress this y ear in an effort to reduce crop surp luses, asked:

P. G. & E. Installs New Lines In San Rafael San Rafael’s B street be­ tween Fourth and Fifth is be- j ing torn up by Pacific Gas and Electric Co. for installation of electrical lines to serv e ex ­ p anding needs of the business area. Street Sup t. Norris Rawles said the PG&E w*ork on B street should be comp leted in a week or 10 day s. Digging of trenches and lay ing of lines i s ; p art of the ov er-all Job in­ cluding the installation of electrical equip ment in a large p it at the com er of Fourth and B sev eral weeks ago.

^htc) epe no ^ urn al

E ntered in San R afael Post Office a* second class m atter under Act of M arch 6. 1897 Published D a-y Ex cep t Sunday s and certain holiday s at 1028 -32 B Street San Rafael, Calif, by C auforn^ Newsp ap ers, Inc. Roy A. Brown, President

Combining the San R afael Inde­ p endent, M arin Journal M arin Herald, San Ansejno Herald, F air­ fax Gazette, L arksp ur-C orta M dera News.

“Is it p ossible that the Pres­ ident has not heard about the loose administration of the soil bank to p our* money into the Farm Belt before elec­ tion?”

PLAYING POLITICS’ “Or does the President deny that this is p lay ing p olitics, and with huge sums of the tax p ay ers’ money ?” The p rep ared sp eech did not elaborate on the two ques­ tions. but added that if the soil bank is “debased for p ar­ tisan p olitical p urp oses during this election y ear,” Rep ubli­ cans must be blamed. Eisenhower made clear in his own address that the ad­ ministration is rely ing mainly on the soil bank to brighten the farm p icture.

KIDDIES' BEER BUST TAKES MAYOR ABACK When Howard Allen, new­ ly elected p resident of the Belv edere V o lunte e r Fire­ men. asked the city council Monday night to p roclaim Oct. 7 -13 as Fire Prev ention Week, he said: “It will start off with a beer bust for the kiddies Saturday afternoon. Oct. 6. May or Eric Pedley , ey brows raised, inquired, “Did y ou say BEER bust for the kiddies?” “ROOT beer,” amended Fireman Allen quickly . “Oh,” said the may or. “That’s different.” Allen said the root beer bust, junior edition of an an­ nual ev ent for men of the town, is an annual custom.

Forest Fire Checked i SAN BERNARDINO 3 Fire-fighting crews today at­ tacked “hot sp ots” in the 10,- 500-acre burned area of the now halted but still dangerous, San Bernardino Mountains fo r-; est blaze. The six -day -old fire north­ east of here was held in check last night and the U.S. Forest Serv ice rep orted it surrounded 1 in all sectors.

Dancer Tries Suicide CHICAGO OP—Faith Bacon. I who claimed to hav e originat- j ed the fan dance, leap ed from a hotel window today and was | rep orted near death in a hos- j p ital. The dancer, toast of the C hi-1 cago World's Fair of 19 34. had i been unable to find a job.

Suez Test In U.N. UNITED NATIONS, N Y. 3 —Britain and France squared off for a p relim inary test of strength with Egy p t today as the U.N. Security Council | tackled the Suez Canal disp ute for the first time. The two West Europ ean p ow­ ers said that at the meeting this afternoon of the 11-nation council they would fight v ig­ orously against Egy p t’s mov e | to charge Britain and France I with actions threatening world p eace.

C a t Fanciers Form

Club A t Novato

North Bay Cat Fanciers Club has formed in Nov ato, and p lans meetings on the second Thursday of each month at the home of Mrs. Peter Anderson. Officers are Mrs. Sp encer Smiley , p resident; Mrs. B. F. Edwards, v ice p resident: Mrs. Anderson, secretary , and Mrs. Ray Smith, treasurer. Plans are being made to form a chil­ dren's aux iliary .

A t Medical School Meriel Olson, son of Mrs. Lu- cile L. Olson of San Rafael is one of 9 6 students who hav e enrolled as freshmen this week in the School of Medicine of the College of Medical Ev angel­ ists, Loma Linda and Los An- i geles.

Flood Bonds Pass EUREKA 3 —A 12-million- dollar bond issue to build res­ erv oirs and rep air Eureka's flood-damaged water s y s t e m was p assed y esterday by more than the two-thirds majority needed. Voters in the Humboldt Bay Municip al W ater District fav ­ ored the issue 9 .640 for and 4.369 against. Purp ose of the ap p rop riation is to dev elop a water sup p ly to attract p ulp mills and other heav y industry into the area.

Incorporation Voted

SARATOGA 3 Saratoga residents decided y esterday to incorp orate, by a v ote of 1,68 7 for to 1,527 against. Saratoga, with 9 .000 p op ula­ tion. is the 15 city to incorp or­ ate in Santa Clara County .

Flossy In Carolinas RALEIGH. N.C. (IP)—A band of squalls bearing the name of Flossy sp read across the Caro­ lina p lains toward the Atlantic today , leav ing 15 dead and threats of floods behind. Flossy lost her hurricane p unch in low er Alabama and Georgia but dump ed up to six inches of rain ov er a 250-mile ex p anse.

Surgeon Will

Address Nurses

“Newer Way s in the Con­ quest of Heart Disease” is the subject to be discussed by Dr. Richard S. Hahn at the quar­ terly meeting of the California League for Nursing, Redwood Unit, Saturday . Dr. Hahn is a Marin County surgeon and clinical instructor in surgery at Stanford Univ er­ sity Hosp ital. Members and friends of the league from sev en North Bay counties will meet at 12:30 p .m. for lunch at the Edgewater Inn Motel in Corte Madera.

Big Money Demand CHICAGO 3 W alter H. Dreier, p resident of the United States S a v i ng s and Loan League, today attributed the ‘tight money " situation in housing to “tremendous and unp recedented demands for money from business and state and local gov ernments. Dreier told the Illinois Sav ­ ings and Loan League, “Des­ p ite the tightening of mortgage money there will still be ap ­ p rox imately 1,100.000 houses built this y ear, an ex cellent ; y ear by p ost-war standards and a miracle y ear by p re-war standards.”

Jordan-lsrael Parley UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. 3 —U.N. Secretary General Dag Hammarskjö ld, alarmed at the new battle between Jordan and Israel, today called rep resenta­ tiv es of those two countries into urgent consultations. He also arranged to meet sep arately with U.N. delegates from the United States, the Sov iet Union. B r i t a i n and France. MARlNDELLirfOHv M IL K * is hours

CRINO LIN ES MAKE TRAFFIC JAMS KANSAS CITY, Kan. W— The girls at Ward High School hav e agreed not to wear crinolines under their skirts. School authorities asked them not to. They said the bouffancy caused congestion in the corridors. You couldn’t get from one class to the nex t in the allotted three minutes.

One child p rodigist who re­ tained his early fame is con­ cert v iolinist Jascha Heifetz. He Was acclaimed by musical critics in his New York debut at the age of 17 ; first p lay ed the v iolin at the age of 3.

Tea growing in Argentina has increased rap idly . Tea im­ p orts in 19 52 was 2,17 5 tons. In 19 55 Argentina imp orted 25 tons of tea.

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