Boston. Builders. Josish Wheeler

See: Boston. Buildings. Churches. Hollis Street Church.

See: Boston. Address. Hollis Street (former- ly Herverd St.)

See: Boston. Architects. Charles Bulfinch. Hollis St. Church.

Wheeler and Northend


Haverill. Housec, 1887

Architect. Wheeler and Perkins and Will

Worcester. Worcester Memorial Hospital

Bashir. Orchdacts. wheta, Nick | Carell ctae. photrgraplan,) Maora bq Wu AIW pr “Bistrngurabad Aehkuverarnti" m ۰

Brief hio. skiteh.

Qe FR ap A 1985 (4059. 208) - ke

P Architect, Wheeler, E. Todd

Boste Arch/oimer Wheelock, Addison, Pe

2 story i family wood dwelling for self at 83 H ancock St. cor. Wheelock Court Dorch. 1886

Refs Bldg.Insp. Repe (see address card)

Boston. Builder. F.F. Wheelock

SEE: Boston. Address. 16 Chambers Street

"F.F. Wheelock has erected a #16 a four-story and French roof brick dwelling, with a store under- neath,"

Bosin Geib" (lr, Morgen ASLA

1979 RA d; SELL rr. وا‎ (Menea >. Nal, ‚Ma. 62172 PLG - 13 هه‎


Photo of poál on estate on.Long Island, landscape design by Morgan Wheelock

Landscape Architecture June 1991 p.52

Boston Árchitect. Morgan yheelock Incorporated 206 Congress Street Boston, Ma.

Firm brochure in frchitect Brochure “ollection (1978). Includes: Drief overview of firm. Resume of Morgan Dix Wheelock, Jr. Projedt experience.

Goten (Londsenpe eh Woman yyheelack

Foo Wes designed a An kel Sidan Memori ألم‎ Garden Xe be ot ok the site ON de Batt N

near Caen, Trance ^

ER | d 7

çef Landscape e (Nox «s p U

e. Ze. v5

Boston. Architect. Wheelock, Morgan Incorporated "Strong Ties: pinning a landscape to a ledge" by Troy Sober Residence in Chestnut Hill, MA, unidentified

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE May 2006, pp. 38 42 illus. SB469.L3


Landscape Architect Interviewed in article in Landscape Architecture June 1991 p.70-73 "Private Universe, Public


includes color photo


Landscape architect for proposed Botanical Conservatory

Central Artery Depression, Landscape Architecture June 1991 p.22


Beckton, Dickinson and Co. Headquarters Franklin, NJ (Landscape architecture

1991 ASLA Award, Landscape Architecture, Nov 1991, p.58


illustrates Morgan Wheelock's new brochure designed by Shepard Qureshi Associates LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE July 1993 p.60, illus.

Boston. Architects. MORGAN WHBELOCK, INC.

"The Massachusetts Horticultural Society has selected Monacelli Associates, Inc. ... as concept design architect for Boston's first major botanical conserva- tory....The project will be built in the air-rights space on newly-created land above Boston's planned Central Artery....Boston-based Morgan Wheelock, Inc. has been selected as concept design landscape archi- tect for the conservatory." INTERIORS, June 1991:124.

Illus. of model.

Boston. Landscape architects. MORGAN WHEELOCK, INC. =

Among the Design Merit Award winners of the American

Society of Landscape Architects Landscape Awards for

their work at Becton Dickinson Headquarters, Franklin

Lakes, NJ.

PROG. ARCH., Jan. 1992:24.

Que» lelut. لکیس هیا‎ . M.G.

et Omaani ماوي)‎ u . 5 2 umd Pe,

[ves ۰

Bolen Dech Löhulee, Won 9 |

oku, . ممما‎ Angle, Some e Td rg tt n

a MAU ا‎ Boston. Arch. Wheelwright, A.W.

4-5 story 1 fam. brick dwelling, 65 Bay State Road for John W, Wheelwright 1896

Ref: see address card

Architect. Wheelwright, Arthur 37 Studio Bldg. (1895)


Loser Das | ا۵ا‎ besch, Adla o, SS Da

(eis Da: DN Aue N T

(ez QA. Dl Bacen

۹15 Dén, :

Baston- ۸۳۷۲۵۱۲ Anhe w ¥ PA -Bibliography Boston , MassachuseWl S. Ach Ae ch Department. Pain الوب‎ Report , VS 12

Boston, 1893, As.

Plan s. 4454.23 ol ee

e. Eae

Chandler, Francis Ward 1844 7 Monta en oc ch, ee عمو‎ in Boston, Arom ۵۵۱0 S b, Edmund Mi

c at cbe LE {= FETE‏ اس لعع مانن Boshn, GC + Cina Co. ranted‏ ru” Mes. loo ades diag s.,‏


Quse. لىقا‎ Lud usc =. M. ١ 5 15 ee RR Kess " «as Qu. W :ی‎ en, IM [405 fan "em

on | fm. loo! MIS Qu

Besten. Architect - Wheelurght , E Boston. Ci Ay arch, MI. laws submi å wd ۳۵ ot CM archi kech [Edmund M. Whedwrih f 1 on add hon accomodation Yor muncipA Les Boston. Wee pe or. Co. [18427] 14 plans /

5040.32 ear Bere Tu

EM Wheelwright,

dh ۷ TE Municipal Ar n =, va

Cab. 60,133,1 دام‎

Boston . Architec e

whi wright, E, VAL.

Portrait e. 75

Brim Society d Prdclu 4. th. First 100 Year 1867-1967 by Maru Coody NA 735. B7 G58 X


As sch AA



Boston. Architect. Wheelwright, Edmund March

Some personal material of this architect included in Haven and Hoyt Collection (BPL). See inventory of Haven and Hoyt Collection filed in ARCHITECT FILE

under Haven and Hoyt.

Architect. Wheelwright, Edmund March, Î

Boston hospitals designed as City Architect!

Boston City Hospital: South Department; Pathological Building; Surgical Ward Building; Surgical Operating Building; Boiler and Dynamo House; Ambulance Stahle.

Boston Lunatic Hospital. Austin and Pierce Farms, West Roxbury.

Long Island Hospital. Dormitory for Women.

korn down < 1943-4

Epidemic Hoppital. Galloupe's Island. mt

Epidemic Hospital. Swett St.

_East Chester Park Hospital for Contagious

Diseases, C sam مه‎ Booy © ty Hospital ۵

Architect. Wheelwricht, E. M. 4

Fire cept. buildings designed as City Archit:

197 AM

Fire Dept. Headquarters, 60 Bristol st. 01۸۳۵1۸ Ashmont Engine House. Dorchester Ave., oriunda Dorchester.

Hook and Ladder House #1, Warren Square, Roxbury. (Friend St.)

Andrew Square Engine House. Andrew Snape, South Boston. ۲ hikinen ۲ N

Fire Dept. AREA? ig. Boiler & Dynamo - House,

Hose House no. 7 (alterations and additions)

Architect. Wheelwrieht, Edmund M......... ees Park buildings ۳۲116 as City Architect!

Athletic House. Charlesbank. (an accessory of the open air cvmnasium for men) no ld). کون‎ MDC.

: 2 Franklin Park. Shelter. (now restaurant 7) م‎ hella (Lurad down Som yem ميمه‎ ee lk Rs

Head House for public bath system. Marine

Park, City Point, South Boston. و نا‎ oe River , Pom Lal sa Y rom ۲

Ferrv Head House. East Boston (ribs, net Cade Peg}. jm

Jamaica Park. Refectory (alterations Vë.

0 5 n Bank Belding, » الاين‎ Perk Lue Sk, Wie privat b Perkins,

g Architect. Wheelwrieht, Edmund March....... 1 Police Dept. Buildines designer as City Arch. Brishton Police Station. Washington St.

Patrol Wagon House and Court Room for Police

Station XIII. Starr Lane and Maple Place, Jamaica Plain,


Architect. Wheelwright, E. M. ..ónoommooo.».

Miscellaneous designs as City Architect?

Parental School for boys. (truant school) West Roxbury |

Lyeeum—_Ha11,—Dborchester, Reconstruction for sehool purposes.

Subway entrances on Boston Common.

Deer Island Prison. Additional cells,

Long Island. Farm Barn.

Stable and sheds. Brishton. For the Street Dept.

Stable. Gibson St. For the Water Board.

Gateway to Evergreen Cemetery. Chestnut Hill. ١

Laden Quei UO adus, Sand M, ١ TE. -6

Redon. Bes, Hera Lire ral EN) Gs 360 5

1 Architect. Wheelwright, Edmbnd March ۱

> Schools designed as City Architect: Boston Agassiz School, Burroushs and Brewer Streets, Meuris Jamaica Plain. Berun 1892. Grammar school Andrews School, Genesee St. Primary School. Berun 191۰ ۱۹5۰50۵ to Boston Housing Aus) dÄ? Blackinton School, Leyden St., Orient Heights, demol, 1154 Rast Boston. Grannar school. Begun 1891. Bowdoin School. Myrtle, Irving and South Russell Streets, Peacon Hill, Gramnar School. Begun 1891, 45 ۷۷۳۲۱۵۳۸4 B Brighton High School. Cambridge and Warren Streets, Brighton. Berun 1894.7 "

Choate Burnham School. East Third St., South

Boston. Primary school, Begun 1892. 436 Thir 3 Bo (422

Architect. Wheslwrismht, Edmund March....... 2. Boston Schoold designed as City Architect:

¿ Cudwo th School. Havre, Decatur and Paris

» tr an fette

\a5 Re Streets, East Boston. Primary school. afe s Be gun 1802. Ye This also known as Austin ar ات‎ School. Eustis St Roxbury. iri: Albert NR chool. Begun 189). (Albert Palmer, 75 Evs 3 eruere: Fuller School. Glen Road, Jamaica RA Plain. Primary school. Berun "1891 25 glen Christopher Gibson School. Bow'oin Ave., Dorchester. Grammr school. Begun gree

te oc tdem ۱ i. 37 BSR 16 Ronad A St, Dore e tia


Architect. Whesiwricht., Edmund March..... 3. Boston Schools designed as Citv Architect:

William H. Kent School. Moulton St., Charles-

tom. Primary school. Becun 18943 a Abby W. May School. Between Thornton and

Fulda Streots, Roxbury. Primary school. Besun 1892, razed 1968 Mechanic Arts High School. Dalton and Belvidere Streets. Begun 189), 6 Morton Street School. En Dorchester. a o al; C: Oak TT P #90 Gah ass Sts.

Brishton. Primary school. Besun 189). 35 Non "Yum RA. (1470 )

Architect. Wheslwricht, Edmund March 4

Boston schools desisned as City Architect!

20 m}. Vernon (1976) Robert Gould Shaw School, Henshaw Street,

Wast Roxbury. Gramnar school. Begun 1891.

Gilbert Stuart School. Richmond St. and Dorchester Ave., Dorchester. “ran ar school. Begun 1891. 27 Richmon à, C1496)

B. F, Tweed School. Sullivan Sahare, Charles-

town. Primary school. Begun 1891. William Wirt Warren School. Waverly St.,

North Brighton. Gramnar school. begun 1891. Sold in 1962 Ae C?

sola 1954 h Jesuik Order A New Eng! land: Used as t

Retreat Leaave H

| | | | | |

Architect. Wheelwright, Edmund March..... <]

Schools designed as City Architect:

Stephen M, Weld School. Canterbury and Sharon Streets. West Sod boy. Primary school. Besun 1891. 106 Highland, Hyde Park Cancel

Williams School. Harold and Homestead Sts.

uo” Roxbury. Primary school. Begun 1891.

Wyman School. Bowe and Wvman Streets, Jamaica rlain. Primary school. Bezun 1891, Hh Wyman ۶۵

Lyceum Hall School, Meetin House Wil), 7 aa, Ma Reconstruchien Ir Se 00) Purposes. Demelished 5

Nheelwright, Edmund M. vi

SEE: Photo album collection, vols. 118 a., 118 b. "Municipal Architecture of Boston", ed. by Fran&is Chandler, from designs by Wheelright, City Architect 1891-1895. Includes plans and photographs.

f A = Wheelwright, Edmund M. $ Ei | SEE: Photo album collection, vols. 118 a., 118 b, i "Municipal Architecture of Boston", ed, by Frantis Chandler, from designs by Wheelright, City Architect, 1891-1895, Includes plans and Photographs.

Wheclw Ca, EA یات‎ March She base | architecture. Boston .

Rogers > Manson. ۷ ٩6 | S SM 324 Pe Mos Plates Plan

$633.80 "

Arch. Edmund M. Wheelwright

Brookline, Mass. William F. Weld residence. fig. 90. ill and floor plan.

American Country Houses of the Gilded Age.

NA 7610 A 58

Architect, Wheelwright, Edmund M.

"Kelp Rock", Edmund C, Stedman residence. Sig. 60, ill., floor plan. New Castle, N.H.

American Country Houses of the Gilded Age.

NA 7610 A58

Boston. Architect. Wheelwright, Edmund March (1854-1912)

"Frostfields", Jacob Wendell Residence, Little Harbor, NH , 1882, burned ca. 1946



Boston, Arch. Wheelwright, Edmund March

2 story 2 fam. wood dwelling, Sheridan Ave. J.P. for Mrs. E.V. Andrews 1888

Ref: BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Bostone Arche Wheelwright, Edmund

Dorchester Fire House later Pine Ste Inn, rehab. by Arch. Childs, Bertram, Tseckares 1977

Refs Globe, 7/17/77

Unmounted Boston File HOSPITALS (Pine St. Inn)

Architect. Wheelwright, Edmund March BIBLIOGRAPHY

The American Schoolhouse. Brickbuilder. v.6-8, 1897- 99.

Boston. Architect | in Wheelwright, Edmond “arch (1851-1912)

Obit: American srchit bldg news, current news section, v.10?! Aug. و28‎ 243, 1912, (dee Xe)

See also Brualt: و۷۰3‎ ۰

New Internat!l yrbk, 1912, p. 802.

Arch. ` E e M. Whalen ahs

First werk: AA Hoose.

Is wark ! Lampoon Sida - Wad wei, U > Haven

VA: Bonn Arda. Club en 14 12. timos,

Architect. Wheslwrisht, Edmund March......

Designs proposesed, but not built, as City Architect:

Old State House, alterations.

City Hall

Shelter. The Fens,

Jamaica Fond, Poating House. At Pond St, Franklin Park. Skating House.

Castle Island. Shelter.

eiat, Edmund mM are ۲‏ سب حالما

The Museum commission in Evrepe

Super report, Vas BA ferias A Ene Acts, Boston

E Damen unter di om To Sha Treo bee,

. Zi „Bis Boston, ias. ee ۱ Che Coral KS Yai ۳ ه هی‎ ۲ on ES, £x. ONNI vens, etc 8 oN eee Qe ۵ in Evrog®- binden 3074.30\,3 p

Qee. ۹

P7. „NS 6 ES

WIEN ria , دع‎ Milt;

Parent School for Boys


ocu We even ku M vis un Age ^J 0 branch Ay d erty Hospital, ca Wed la. West Department

QJ. Er ha ۱۶ 25-1 2 vy kus Kork t 73, Se 4341 1425


Arch Seed. Wheelwright, A Mese و‎ Boston State Hospital. EmQeyee Ss’ New 5۱2۲۰ | vel, "mt. December (V, 1469,

Eaton, Guantance. The Boston Opera

Company. New Yor, Áee eon - Century, 1965,

Boston. Documents of He ZC ok Boston

Sor the Years 1892- 159 Annva\

Report ol He Are Department For VM. Years 1891-1894,

no. ۱5

Boston. Arch. Wheelwright, John Brooks measured drawings of 155 Charles St. 1930


Bost NE tect s P Heer N Bible > N

Architect. Wheelwright, J. W.

Boston. House for J. W. Wheelwright, 65 Bay State Rd., 1895.

Architects Wheelwright,Robert B+2-20=1884

Bibliography: Thieme-Becker, ve35 (see l-man architect- ural file.)

Archit. Wheelwright & Haven

Boston.Houses on Bay State Road. (Illus in Boston Archit Club Catalogue 1897, p.163

Brookline. Stable for Mr. Wm. F. Weld (ref: Transcript 11/1/1890, p.12)

Islesborough, Me. Hotel (ref: same as above)

Fall River, Mass. St. John's Church (ditto)

Winston, N.C. West End Hotel (ditto)

Woods Hole, Mass. House for Mr. M. Ogden Jones

Dedham. The Dedham Inn (ref: ditto)

Falmouth. Parish house (ref: ditto)

Boston. Arch. Wheelwright & Haven

3 story 1 fam. brick dwelling, Bay State Road cor, Sherburn St. for Charles B. Pitman, 1896

Ref: BldgeInsp.Repe (see address card)

Boston. Architect. Wheelwright £ Haven

Boston. Mercantile Building, Congress Street

Boston. Arch. Wheelwright & Haven

5 story brick pathological bldg. for Masse Gene Hospital (Trustees) Allen St. nr Charles Ste 1896

Refs BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

[Ss > Qa: V. M. sia (45 Du. ها‎ burns

¡205 Qu ۰ ١ مح‎ iud. ف‎ Km loj

1415 Qu

p. arch? Wheelright & Taven

Boston City Hosp. Nurses residence

ue y “Crd NR , Weta SW pu Ea

Boston. Arch. Wreelwright & Haven

Boston Opera House 1908

Ref: Monograph of the Boston Opera House by Frank H. Jackson 1909

Unmounted Boston File Theatres

8 Architect. Wheelwricht & Haven . -— 13 Theatres in Boston: Jordan Hall (see N. E. Conservatorv of Music)

Boston Opera House, 319-353 Huntington Ave., 1909, demolished 1958,

Miscellaneous. Park Streot Subwav Station.

Architect. Wheelwright ? Haven

Boston. House for John E. Devlin, Ól Bay State Rd, 1893. Boston. House for Edmund Wheelwright, 59 rt

Boston. House for Charles Pitman, 153 Bay State Rd,1893.

Bostone Arch. Wheelwright & Haven

Jamaica Park - PINERANK. Rebuilt after fire 1895-1896

sees BOSTON PARKS - Jamaica Park

Boston. Arch. Wheelwricht & Haven

story 1 fam. brick dwelling, for Edmund M. Wheelwright‏ با Bay State Road near Raleigh St. 1896‏

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

V au 196 p.52

Boston. Architect. Wheelwright and Haven

Some material re. this firm included in Haven

and Hoyt Collection (BPL). See inventory of Haven and Hoyt Collection filed in ARCHITECT FILE under Haven and Hoyt.

Architect. Wheelwright & Haven l

BY e M "time in Boston:

Horticultural Hall, 300 Massachusetts ave., opened 1901.

Massachusetts Historiaal Society. 1154 Bovlston St., 1899.


bee Cambridge Bridge, replaced West Boston Bridse, now Lonsfellow Bridge, 1907 Pida

Chestnut Hill. Seins Station. Addition 1889

Boston. Arch. Wheelwrisht & Haven

l story wooden stable, Eliot St. rear W.Rox. for J.L. Small 9

Ref: see address card

levse , The Hen A em Herber ME.

Architect. Wheelwright & Haven............2

Hospitals in Boston:

Boston Citv Hospital, Vose House

Boston City Hospitel, Nurses Quarters

Massachusetts General Hospital, Surgival Building.

House Ser Eben D. Jordan 46 Beacon, 1898

Houses_in Banten P ja Charles Prlman 13 Bay Pi 3

Houses?! Bav State Rond ja EM Iia صم‎ 1

House for Hohn E. Devlin ا6,‎ Bay Stl RI. 1873

House for Herbert Sears, 86 Beacon St. 0

Boston Schools:

Farragut School, 10 Kenwood Road, Roxbury,

primary school, 1903.

New England Conservatory of Music, 29l

Huntington Ave., Vii: 1902)

Architect. Wheelwright & Haven. . . . . با‎

Buildings outside of Boston:

Cambridge. Harvard Lampoon Clubhouse, 1910 Cambridge, Randall Hall, Harvard College. Woods Hole. House of M, Ogden Jones. Manchester. House of Mr. Eben D. Jordan.

ESCH Sanan c e Bien, + Ma, un, SES po e W (461.240) Y. O, Seg Mol

A? kt )

Boston. Architect. Wheelwright & Haven

Samuel Van Dam. "E. M. Wheelwright and the History of the Lampoon Castle" (Senior Honors Thesis, Harvard University, 1971) (not owned by BPL)

cited in note 17 on p. 301 of HARVARD: AN ARCHITECTURAL HISTORY

Boston. Architect. Wheelwright and Haven. Harvard University. Harvard Lampoon

THE BRICKBUILDER, Vol. 19, 1910 , plates 38 &39 Photos, Floor Plans (B, 1, 2, 3)

Photocopy in Massachusetts File under Massachusetts. Cambridge. Schools .Harvard University. Harvard Lampoon

i Met‏ سمل مامتا . لمعن لس ةا

sa Adi Natal غيملا‎ Combed ss

Architect. Wheelwright, Haven & Hovt

Boston. Anderson Brise over Charles River. 8 l9L.

Bohn. Fawkner Hospital. Wurses' Home,

Boston. Architect. Wheelwright, Haven and Hoyt

Some material re. this firm included in Haven and Hoyt Collection (BPL). See inventory of Haven and Hoyt Collection filed in ARCHITECT FILE under Haven and Hoyt.

B oston. Arch. Wheelwright & Hogan

2 story ; fame wood dwelling, Glen Rd. cor. Sigourney

St. J.P. for Ben}. Brewster 1890

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

۱ | Ad Qu. UON eas ` UD مه‎ ۱ 26 2

Wade ta fm ^|

Boston. Architects. Whel::n, Leo A.

obit. Traveler; June 1l, 1972.

Architect. Whelan, Leo (7.14.1899-5.31.72)

Studied © Mechanic Arts High School, Lowell Tech Institut & Boston Arch'l Center rec'd asé lati to Harvard Schl of Design. Associated for many years w/Maginnis & Wa lsh & was assistant in design to Charles D. Maginnis. Works include:

St. John Church, Canton

Needham, St. Joseph's Church

Bath, Maine, W5. Mary's Church

Framingham, Marion High School

Wellesley. Mt.St.Vincent Novitiate

Yamaica Plain, Cardinal O'Connell Jr. Seminary

Ref: Obiy. from GLOBE 6-1-72 (1-man architect file)


Jot Di: 269 لمدطنا‎ , ۸۷

س من بو

Boston. Bldr. Whidden Hills

5 story brick mechanical bldg. 58-60 Medford St. for Torrey, Everett Co. 1886

Ref: see address card

3ostone Bldre Whidden Hill & Coe

5 story brick mercantile bldg. for J. Franklin Faxon 137-141 South Ste

Archs William G. Preston 1887 Refs Bldg.Insp.Repe (see address c ard)

Bostone Bldr. Whidden Hill & Co. 6 story brick mercantile bldge 119-123 South Ste for ول‎ Franklin Faxon

Archs William G. Preston 1887

Refs Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Bostons Bldre Whidden Hill & Co. 4 story 1 fam. brick dwelling, 396 Marlborough Ste for S. S. Davis

Arch: Cummings & Sears 1888

Ref: BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Bostone 3läre Whidden T.J. & Co.

6 story brick mercantile bldg. 143-157 South Ste

for J.F. Faxon and John Faxon

(see address card)

and 114-122 Beach Ste heirs Archs J.H. Besarick

Refs BldgeInspeRepe

Boston. Builder. Whidden nnd Marshall SEE: Boston. Address. 9-13 Cambridge Street

"The large building 3t/79-13 has been remodelled, receiving a ljstory and French roof, granite front, according to the plans by N.J. Bradlee. This bldg. is 60'x80! and the cost of rebuilding will be $10,000. Thos. L. Whidden and Samuel Marshall are the builders and Dr. George C. Shattuck the owner."

Boston. Arch. Whidden, S.H.

2 story wooden stable, Oakland St. nr Chester St. Dorch. for Dorchester Hygeia Ice Company 1896

Ref: see address card

Bostone Bldr. Whidden Hill & Cos

4 story brick mercantile bldg. 105-117 So.St. /Tufts gt. Utica St. for Charles Torrey, puardian Arch: Chamberlain & Whidden 1897

Refs Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Boste = Arch/3ldr Whidden & Co.

5 story mercantile brick bldg. at 12 Columbia St. for City Associates 1896-7

Refs Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Bostone Bldre Whidden & Co. 6 story brick mercantile bldge 127-1$5 South St. 12-14 Utica St. for ول‎ Franklin Faxon

Arch: Rand Taylor 9

Ref: BldgeInsp.Rep. (see address card)

Boston. Pldr. Whidden & Co.

l-5 story 1 fam. brick dwelling, 508 Commonwealth Ave. for Dr. Alonzo Boothby

Arch: E.W. Kingsbury 9

Ref: see address card

Bostone Bl dr

6 5 142-143 Tremont St» D. Bradley


ef: e.Insp

Boston. Bldr. Whidden & Co.

l-6 story 1 fam. brick dwelling, 117 Bay State Road for Frank E. Snow

Arch: Little Browne 1901

Ref: see address card

Boston. Bldr. Whidden & Co.

2 story 1 fam. brick dwelling, Englewood Ave. cor ArgyleRBad A/B for Mrs. Brackley Shaw

Arch: Walker & Kimball 1893

Ref: see address card

Boston, Arche Whidden Co.

tore & laundry, Norway Ste nr Masse 8

eInspeRepe (see address card)

Bostone Arche Whidden Company

2 story brick dwelling

& 5 5 Ave. corner of Norway Ste for self

۱45-۱۶3 Seat St 14-122 Beock HM.

Boston. Builder. Henry Whipple

SEE: Boston. Address. Beacon St. between Berkeley and Clarendon Sts.

"Between Brookline (B erkeley)? and Clarendon Streets,

Henry Whipple hs built a lis story brownstone front dwelling house,"

Boston. Builder, Whitcher, Joseph B, 1825-1861

Contractor for Quincy granite work. One of projectors for the Granite Railway Co. & one of orig. directors.


W بیلسه‌للا‎ ۱۹4۵ سمل‎ Whtteemb

Ref: Cambridge Directory

Gelen. Co- hubo, | N ÄT nn NN عاط‎ اش‎ E

" P" Boston. Archit, Whitcomb, John M,

1979 tel dir: Johnson & Whitcomb, 18 Brattle 5t., C mbridg

Boston. Bldr. Whitcomb, Fele

two 2 story 1 fam. wood dwellings, Dustin St. nr Cambridge St. A/B for C.E. Whitcomb; F.H. Wyman Arche E.L. Rogers 1891

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Bostone Arch. Whitcomb, H . King

2 story 2 fem. wood dwelling, Wolcott St. nr Erie St. Dorche for self 1898

Ref: BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Boston. Bldr. Whitcombs, B.D. & Co.

3 story brick dwelling, JD Beacon St. cor Hereford St. for Robert C. Hooper

Arch: Andrew & Jacques 1890

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Bostone Bldre White, CeCe

2 story 1 fam. wood dwelling, Bradlee St. nr Washington

St. for Lydia E. Briggs Archs James Re & W.R. Richards 1892

Ref: BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Boston/Mass. Architect. White, David Architect/builder of first half of the 19th century. Built two churches, one in Gloucester and one in Rockport.

REF: reference letter, 8/81

Caroline Shillaber, 6 Porter Sp, Wenham, MA 0198), is interested in additional information about White.

Boston. Builder. White, Edwin M.

Boston. House for himself, 882-884 East Bmaadway, South Boston, 1886 (see address)

Boston, Arch. White, H.J.

2 story wood dwelling, Cypress St. nr Spring St. J.P. for E.P. Morrill 1887

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Boston. Bldre White, John

5 story 5 fam. wood dwelling, Bolton St. nr F St. S.B. for Arch.s Henry Schwiner 1894

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Boston. Archit. White, Lindsay AIA

1979 dir: Lozano, White & Associates, 30 Brattle St., Cambridge

Boston. Bldr. White, Nicholas

2 story wood dwelling, Lauriat Ave. cor Carlos St. Dorche for Nicholas White, Arch: A.?. Fisher 6

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Boston, Bldr. White, Nicholas

2 story 1 fam. wood dwelling, Mountain Ave. nr Mascot Ave. Dorch. for self

Arche C.W. Allen 1896

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Boston. Architects. White, Peter.

Landscape Architect.

Boston. Vendome Memnrinl,

Boston. Architect. white, Peter Landscape architect for Vendome Memorial

See Monuments. Vendome Memorial

Boston Wucht, Whitt, Rideard (280: 184 HA SF Westen ماده‎

TA. e. Bea 1957-1202 en Mein ۱62-11 65 Gan و‎ x 11661969 ede

GE ag E ۹6٩ ebe Pl,

i red E ne Sa deve Kudun,

Boston. Archit. White, Richard W,

196)-- 1974-5 dir: 177 State St., Rm. 0


Architect. White, Stanford. BIBLIOGRAPHY (1853-1906)

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Architect. White, Stanford. BIBLIOGRAPHY +... e... 2

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Architect. White, Stanford

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Bosten ۷۷7) White, db Zell

: Frame desig by > یرم‎ Bute" Ball à Detroit Just. JA vo. HI, 1938, pp. 20-31.

allo. notes


Architect File - Ephemera

WRT File HI Vert.til Sect. #14

WHITE, STANFORD y Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Dwelling house for Woodbury Langdon

Bostone Bldr. White, Thomas

6 story, 4 stores, 10 fam. brick bldge 362-364 Commonwealth Ave. cor W. Chester Park for self Archs Joseph & W.P. Richards 0

Refs BldgeIns Repe (see address card)

Bostone Bldre White, Thomes Ne 3 story brick dwelling, 12 Sewall Place for Mrs. Mary H. Hyams

Arch: Jacob Goldsmith 1887

Refs Bldg.Insp.Reps (see address card)

Bostone Bldre White, Thomas Re

3 story 1 fame brick dwelling, Newbury St. nr Back Bay Park, 1888

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Two houses

Boston. Archit?bldr. White, Thomas R.

Boston. Houses for himself, 3-36 Claremont Park, 1887

Boston. Bldr. White, Thomas R.

story 8 apartment brick building, 5-7 Caledonia‏ با St. for self 1009‏

Refs Dldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Boston. Bldr. White, Thomas R.

story با‎ fam. brick apartments, 43, 45, Jo and l9 Falmouth St. for self, 1889

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Boston, Arch. White, Thomas R.

ten 3-l story brick dwellings, 32 to 50 Saint Germain St. for self 1895

Ref: address card

Boston. Bldre White, Thomas Re

6 story 6 fame brick apte house, 362 Commonwealth Ave. for Hemrett K. White

Archs J.R. & W.P. Richards 1890

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Repe (see address card)

n S Boston. Arch. White, Thomas R.

3-4 story 1 fam. brick dwelling (9 houses) Cromwell St. for self 1892

Ref: see address card

Boston, Bldr. White, Thomas Re

story 1 fam. brick dwelling, 15 Cromwell St.‏ با for J.W. French 1893‏

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Repe (see address card)

Ein, Rubin. LOWE Thomas E

Boten. \oromand heuse tin Mack Ge 5 Ge. e. Went, (so Casl S Don

Sech nad fom) 4n‏ سب ون antes or‏

Boston, Bldr, White, Thos. R.

3 story brick dwelling, 16) Tremont St. for Mrs. Mary Hyma

Arch: Jacob Goldsmith 1887

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep, (see address card)

same data for 166 Tremont St.

3ostons Bldre White, Thomas Re

$-5 story brick 1 fame dwelling, 79 Ste Botolph Ste for Lorin A. Fuller 94

Refs Bldg.Insp.Reps (see address card)

Boston, Bldr. White, Thomas R.

5 story brick store and apartments, 165 Columbus Ave. for Allen Gibson Thompson, 1886

Arche Fred Pope

Refs Bldg. Insp. Rep. (see address card)

Bostone Bldre White, Thomas Re 4 story 4 fame brick apartments, 106 Huntington Ave. for Albion Knowlton

Arch: Samuel D. Kelly 1889

Ref: BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Bostone Bldre White, T.Re

4 story 4 fame brick aptse 128 and 155 Huntington Ave. for Gel, Nason Arch: E.N. Boyden 1890

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Boston. 3ldr. White, Thomas R.

l-5 story brick apartment house for George H. Gibson et als, 72 Huntington Ave. 1886 Arch: Fred Pope

Ref: 31dg.Insp.Ren. (see address card)

Six buildings: 6l, 66, 68, 70, 72 and 74 Huntington Ave, same data

Bostone Bldre White, Thomas Re

4 story 4 fame brick apt. bldgs. 41 and 51 Fal- mouth Ste for self 1889

Ref: BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Bostone Arche White, ۰

4 story 4 fame brick apartments at Belvedere Ste near Falmouth for self, 1891

Ref: 2 (see address card)

Boston. Arch. Whiterall, John H +

2 story 2 fam. wood dwelling, Brighton Ave. cor Reidsdale St. Bri. for self 1893

Refs BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Moon . .امن‎ Lu hee Chalo F

Qo de... eua Yu ; Men Y, Dacha. SX. ۹ in

Boston, Bldr. Whiteacre, R.W.

3 story 3 fam. wood dwelling, Danforth St. nr Paul Gore St. J.P. for self

Arch: M.P. Masse 1897

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Bostone Arch. Whiteacre, Robert We

3 story 3 fame wood dwelling, 94 New Heath Ste Roxbe for Charles H. Parker 1897

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address c



a o

Bostone Bldr. Whitehouse, F.Ne 2 story 2 fam. wood dwelling, 131 Falcon St. E.Be for self

Arche Joseph Eastman 1897

Ref: BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Boston. Bldre Whitehouse, FeNe

2 story 2 fam. wood dwelling, 133-135 Falcon Ste core Putnam St. E.B. for self Archs Joseph Eastman 1897

Ref: BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Boden. OSI. LOKa Keune, Louis A.

des دمج‎ ۱۹ (S من‎ + TE Ge ite, En 28

Wéi bc, Whitesell Seprona -

NC N Pai ot the Ves S M Rede Cy Cani | Soph: d rele [OM E vanas Aedes < مها‎ Olmsted’ W listen c siles m dt

of. (r'| ies Noks CD Nos [este c gf? d

Boston, Arch. Whiting, B.E.

2 story 1 fam. wood dwelling, Dell St. nr Dorchester Ave. for Donald McDonald 1808

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Architect. Whiting, GeCe

Boston. 16-unit apartment, 274 Beacon, 1929.

ras Qu

(Aes Da: Runa > (ht

Tm & Vf] nw Ba:

Basten, Gut. ene y

RSS Bin, Bouma, Corman, Mello ilana, 07 Stake Cm Na ۱

Architects. Whiting, --------

ref: 8060.02-101. Belknap. Artists and craftsmen of Essex County. page 2.

Whiting, Nathaniel L., building for the estate of. Store, Lincoln St,

Archit: George d, Young. 1880.

Ref: American Architect & Building News. v.10, p. 159, p1.301, Oct. 1, 1881, illus., plan.

Boston. ARchitect. Whiting, W.H.H.

Adams. Renfrew Mill #2, 1868.


Beim. MUG . Velman 1479 Jet. du: Whitman and timo AS Willam SE Nall ‚ma ۰ ۷ 237-5503

es Dn m Uo aa میم‎

1915 Qu س‎

Bostone Arch. Whitman, J. F.

l story 1 fam. wood dwelling, Farrington St. nr Orient Ave. E.B. for Boston Land Cos 1894

Refs Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Boston. HAU < å AG 5. sek /

4o Y man ¿E Os ter by - Benson, P Schaudt

۶ MR. Ven Va ee buun n ado croton D S:ppiean Conse Eo o Lrtinmoliamal Cabriolet. مهدب‎ DRESS E: aneh p leer

d, + 1199 اا ب‎ ۱ ۱ (oo Hs La -olaa ¡e “| Cop lag Sg عانصه‎

Rd Orch Ta A e ^" as” ( 432.268)

Boston. Architects. Whitman, John Y

Whitman, along with Peter Schaudt, Michael R. Van Valkenburg,*Krisan Osterby-Benson was ehösen

as a finalist in the competition for the redesign

of Copley Square. This group of architects was one of five finalists in the competition.

Ref. Architecture March 1984,p.31 (4092.208)

Boston, Arch. Whitman, F.

two 2 story 1 fam. wood dwellings, Collins St. nr Bayswater St. 1809; Collins St. nr Austin Ave. 1893 E.B. for Boston Land Co.

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Boston, Arch. Whitman, Y.F.

2 story 1 fam. wooden dwelling, Baywater St. nr Sarato va Sts BeBe 1890 for Boston Land CO.

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

G 5

Whitman & Howard 426-6400 Jim Smith

Will send 7/69 MY y Yms Y N Al ha Q A

Boston. Archit. Whitmore, John T. Member of Andrews, Jones, Biscoe & Whitmore (w/ Robert Day Andrews, I. Howland Jones, Maurice B. Biscoe

Succeeded Andrews, Jaques & Rantoul, & then Andrews, Rantoul & Jones.

Later became Andrews, Jones, Biscoe & Whitmore

als 1 | Padan m CV VW 4 yt ot.

Lond mms oJ SH & 40 © ممعي‎ Y, Nm. LOD wm "nac. 1955 Pu. U 3,B =D, 50 Congo

prés Qu. مد‎

WHITNEY, CHARLES (Surveyor) ` Vert. file 2, Sec X

Plot Plan of an estate belonging to Alfred Andrew

1852. Roxbury, MA d ESQ.

Bostone Arch. Whitney

story 2 fam. wood dwelling, 279 Lexington St.

2 E.B. for John Bright 6

Refs BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Boston, Architect. Whitney

2-story front, 3-story rear wood dwelling (2fanilies) for John Bright. 279 Lexington St. E. Boston

For details see, Beston, Address,


"in association with Ellenzweig is designing the new Polymer Science and Engineering Research Facility at U. Mass /Amherst" small b&w photo


"rh. REE, mn Duech Norcross Aw» Lion i محلم‎ UK Deise Kenalan, ۱ (ye منکن‎ ra Vol va